You love your pets!

Choosing someone to care for your beloved animals during those times when you are unable to care for them yourself, is a tough job.

You wish you could clone yourself to stay behind when you leave home. After all, who is going to lovingly and properly take care of your horses and doggies and kitties as well as you?!

Only somebody who really cherishes our furry “children” and is devoted to treating them well, is qualified!

Of course, experience is a must!

Several years ago, in preparation for getting my own horse, I began taking horse-care jobs. Each owner has his or her own ways of doing things, so, with each assignment, I have listened very closely to the instructions given me in order to follow the accustomed methods.

The smaller pets such as cats, hamsters, birds, turtles, and minnows have been a part of my life since childhood; I have also given good, sweet care to dogs, as well.

  • My clients always appreciate my tender, gentle and loving manner with their pets.
  • I follow directions correctly.
  • Another very important aspect of loyal care is socializing with your pet:

When your “babies” are alone in an empty house for days or weeks, they miss their family! So, I don’t just hurriedly perform the basic tasks and scram, no…I linger, spending quality time with your pets, giving them the affectionate attention they so need in their time of loneliness.

When you need an animal-care provider, who is reliable and trustworthy, who will abide by your unique guidelines, and who has a true heart for animals, please contact me as soon as you know your schedule to ensure that I have available time on my calendar.

Let’s Talk About Your Needs and Schedule!

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